10 Places to Visit in Dharamshala

Are you interested to know more about the Tibetan culture? Are you also keen to explore nature? If the answer is yes to both the questions, then you should visit Dharamshala which could be the best place for you! Nestled in the higher reaches of Himachal Pradesh in Kangra Valley, this small but pretty place

5 Places to Visit in Sarnath

A small village in Uttar Pradesh was once blessed by Lord Buddha! This was the place from where he preached the first sermon. This was the land where he first taught Dharma and it is the same place where original Sangha took shape. Hence, with all these firsts in its kitty, Sarnath became an important

  5 Places to Visit in Fatehpur Sikri

Fatehpur Sikri, a city built by Mughal emperor Akbar, is crowned as a world heritage site, by UNESCO. The city is known across the globe for its exquisite architecture. Situated at 37-km stretch from Agra, it is one among the best heritage sites which is easily connected to Delhi and Jaipur as well. The city

5 Places to Visit in Mirzapur

A city comprising hills, plateaus and cliffs, made a mark across the world, with its exquisite weaving! As the world recognized its talent, the global traders stated visiting this place to exchange goods and they were left appalled to see the beauty of the city. Yes, this city is Mirzapur, which has established its identity

Top 5 Places to be Visited in Hastinapur

Hastinapur! It’s a city with a glorious past! While it finds mentioning in Mahabharata, it has also been a torch-bearer for historians who have been indulged in excavations here to know more about the history. It is situated in Uttar Pradesh near Meerut on Ganga’s shores. The epic tales say that it was Kaurava’s capital

7 Places to Visit in Ayodhya

Ayodhya is a sacred city associated with many Hindu sentiments. The city has its own significance as it is considered to be the birth place of lord Rama. Its significance could be gauged from the fact that Diwali celebrations started in India when the entire city of Ayodhya was lit by lamps. It was this

7 Places to Visit in Vrindavan

There is a small town in India with many bylanes. It is this town where Krishna grew up with his mischievous deeds and it’s none other than Vrindavan. Located on Yamuna banks, Vrindavan is 150 km from the Indian capital, Delhi, and is considered as a major pilgrimage for Hindus. The city owns many temples

7 Places to Visit in Nalgonda

Nalgonda is a pretty place blessed with lot many attractions. Right from forts to temples, lakes to dams, museums to waterfalls, Nalgonda is blessed with a beauty which is hard to define. Made up of two words, Nalla and Konda meaning Black and Hill, it’s a part of the newly formed state of Telangana. Once

7 Places to Visit in Karimnagar

Once upon a time, there was a city which was the hub of Vedic learning. With time, the city evolved and its branding changed a little. Now, there are remnants of the city left. This city takes us back to the era of Old Stone Age to 148000 BC. Many tools of the ancient era

7 Places to Vist in Warangal

In South India, there is a gorgeous city which marches past forward with its magnificent forts. We can easily flip through the history pages and find out how the city in ancient times might be, how it might have evolved with time, who were its rulers and how did the architecture of the city refine

16 Places to Visit Tamil Nadu

Are you aware that a part of our country is blessed with soothing splendor; it echoes with the saga of the mighty might’s; blessed by nature in all its forms. It’s getting richer with the collection of these natural assets, which are visible in form of cascading waterfalls, gushing rivers, widespread sea, enchanting flora, dense