5 Places to Visit in Mirzapur

A city comprising hills, plateaus and cliffs, made a mark across the world, with its exquisite weaving! As the world recognized its talent, the global traders stated visiting this place to exchange goods and they were left appalled to see the beauty of the city.

Yes, this city is Mirzapur, which has established its identity on international platform due to its ultimate quality of carpet weaving and brasswork.

The city also has an ancient significance which is evident in Vedas. These scriptures term it as a sacred city where Parvati had sacrificed herself at a yajna. This place, in ancient era, was founded by Raja Nanner, who later on, named it as Girjapur on context of his daughter Parvati.

A carved stone also narrates how important this city used to be during Ashoka’s and Akbar’s era. Now, let’s discuss the five best attractions of the city for tourists:

1. Tanda Falls

A waterfalls and a water stream side-by-side, Doesn’t it sound like a dream place? But yes, it is located in Mirzapur with the name of Tanda Fall which is one among the main picnic spots here. The dam here is 86-year-old and one of the main sources of water supplies. It is situated at a 14-km stretch from city and is visited by lot many tourists.

2. Wyndham Falls

Waterfalls, mesmerising valleys, zoo and a children park! what else is required for family outing. Hence this place is continuously visited by tourists to watch its lovely ambience. The waterfall is named after a British collector whose name was Wyndham.

3. Sirsi Dam

With Vindhya ranges in the backdrop, this place is pretty and awesome and yet again one of the best locations for picnic. It is built across Sirsi River and is the best location for solitude seekers. Located at a stretch of 40 km from Mirzapur, the reservoir has 14 Sluice Gates. Many Siberian birds and many other species from avian world, keep visiting here which is why it is a paradise for bird watchers.

4. Vindhyavasini Devi Temple

Want to have prosperity and love in your life? Visit this temple where the main deity is Kajala devi. It is one among the most important Shakti peethas of Goddess Kali. The temple is situated on the Ganges shore in Vindhyanchal region and is situated 8 km from Mirzapur. Devotees throng here in lakhs of numbers during navratris.

5. Bhavanipur

It’s no only about nature and religion, but this place is also known for minerals. Bhavanipur, situated at a stretch of 40 km from Mirzapur, has a rich reserve of resources in the form minerals. And therefore it makes it an economically viable place.

Besides these pretty destinations, the city of Mirzapur is also home to many trekking zones. Places like Sidhnarth ki dari, Chunar, Vindhyachal etc. are places where trekkers seek solace.

Hence you can fall in the lap of nature, watch the mineral resources with varied characteristics and see the art of carpet making live with your own eyes in this beautiful town. You will be amazed to see the beauty of developments taking place here blending the modern and traditional cultures!