8 Places To Visit in Bhubaneswar

Named after the Hindu deity ‘Tribhubaneswar’ or ‘Lord Shiva’ this city of temples is a significant Hindu pilgrimage centre. Owing to its status as the state capital of Odisha, it is well connected to the rest of India via air link, roadways, and railway system. The city landscape is dotted with impressive temples and stone sculptures, as well as new-age buildings having modern amenities. Due to its historical significance, cultural heritage and modern outlook, Bhubaneswar is an ideal destination for the tourists from India and abroad. Continue reading 8 Places To Visit in Bhubaneswar

10 Places To Visit in Cuttack

Fondly called as the ‘Silver City of India’, this ancient city was founded by the Keshari dynasty. It is the former capital of the Odisha state and is famous for its silver filigree jewelry and artworks, known as ‘Taara Kasi’. Apart from its rich cultural heritage and historical significance, this city is also a perfect example of inter-religion brotherhood. Continue reading 10 Places To Visit in Cuttack