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5 Places To Visit In Mt. Abu

The only hill station in the deserts of Rajasthan, Mt. Abu is an oasis which has given weary travelers in the Thar Desert refuge for many years. Many even trace the origin of the area back to the times of the Ramayana.

6 Places To Visit In Chittorgarh

Located in the scenic Thar Deserts of Rajasthan, Chittorgarh is a historic town that was once the seat of the proud and honorable rulers of the Sisodia dynasty of Mewar.

5 Things To Do In Jodhpur

Jodhpur, also called as the Blue City, is a must-visit historical city if you are planning a trip to Rajasthan. It is the second largest city in the state. The city of Jodhpur was founded as a princely kingdom called Marwar with its capital as Mandore during the rule of Rao Jodha in 1459.

7 Must Visit Places In Jodhpur

Jodhpur is the second largest ‘metropolitan City’ of Rajasthan. The ‘Sun City’ (named so because of the bright sunny climate around the year) boasts of a rich historical heritage since its inception in the 13th century.

5 Places To Visit In Ajmer

One of the largest cities of Rajasthan, Ajmer has the vibe of an old and peaceful city. The renowned ruler Prithviraj Chauhan ruled from Ajmer. During the Mughal dynasty, the rule of the East India Company as well as the British Raj, Ajmer had played a major role in the struggle for power.

5 Things To Do In Pushkar

Tucked away within the Aravali ranges in Rajasthan and seamlessly connected with the neighbouring town of Ajmer, lies one of the Hindu religion’s most spiritually significant places. The township of Pushkar is built marvellously around the Pushkar Lake and temple both of which are major religious destinations.

5 Places To Visit In Pushkar

Pushkar is a religious town located in the Ajmer district of Rajasthan. Although small land remote, Pushkar is perhaps one of the most important religious locations for the Hindus. This is because the town houses the one of the few ancient Brahma Temples in the world.

Top 5 Things To Do In Udaipur

The City of Lakes, also known as the Venice of the East, Udaipur is a firsthand experience of the history and culture of Rajasthan. Grand palaces situated on the banks of the lakes as well as on islands inside the lakes, which used to be the seat of the rulers of Mewar, the Rajputana clan

7 Must Visit Places In Bikaner

Another dazzling jewel in the magnificent state of Rajasthan is Bikaner. Located in the middle of the Thar Desert, this town makes up for the perfect holiday destination. The ancient, colossal structures of forts and palaces, that this place has an abundance of, are a true representation of its regal culture.

5 Things To Do In Jaipur

All tourist destinations around the world have their own distinct characteristics; culture, heritage, way of life and significant experiences on offer, for explorers to witness. The glorious city of Jaipur is bestowed with a myriad of such places and experiences that make it stand out. It is a land where one gets an insight to