8 Places To Visit in Bareilly

This bustling old city lies on the banks of river Ram Ganga, in the state of Uttar Pradesh. This religious city has both historical significance and a rich cultural heritage. According to Indian mythology, it was the capital of Panchal kingdom and is mentioned in the Hindu epic ‘Mahabharata’. Most of the temples present here are dedicated to Lord Shiva or Nath and hence it is referred to as the ‘City of Nath’ or ‘Nath Nagari’. In fact, there are 4 major Shiva temples situated in the four corners of the city- Alakhnath, Dopeshwaranath, Trivatinath, and Madhinath. Interestingly, this sacred city is also called as ‘Bans-Bareilly’.

Bareilly College

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According to Indian history, this place was the birthplace of the popular Sufi-Barelvi sect of Islam. The noted Islamic scholar named Imam Ahmed Raza Khan was the founder of this Sufi movement. The city actually owes its current name to this Sufi-Barelvi sect and is reputed as the center of Barelvi sect in Asia continent. The best time to visit Bareilly is during the Indian winter months. The city of Bareilly also boasts of many modern high-rises, hotels, and other amenities which will make your stay in this tourist-friendly city, quite comfortable!

Following is the list of 8 tourist attractions in Bareilly you should definitely visit during your stay in this multicultural city:

1. Alakhnath Temple

Lord Shiva is the presiding deity of this significant temple complex. It has a large courtyard at the center of its property. Additionally, this place also contains numerous shrines dedicated to other Hindu deities. Traditionally, it is the prime centre of Naga Sanayasins who belong to the Anand Akhara sect. In reality, these Naga Sanyasins are a separate group of Shiva worshippers.

2. Trivatinath Mandir

It is one of the most beautiful and famous temples in the city of Bareilly. It is situated in the heart of the main city area, on Macnair Road. This old renovated Hindu temple draws a fairly-large number of devotees and sightseers, throughout the year.

3. Dhopeshwar Nath Mandir

Lord Dopeshwarnath is the chief deity of this Hindu place of worship. .This ancient temple is situated in the Cantonment region of the city. According to Indian mythology, it is the birthplace of Draupadi and her elder brother Dhrishtadyumna of the famous Hindu epic called Mahabharata. The major attraction of this place is the ancient tunnel-like gufa or cave that leads the visitors to the Lord’s idol.

4. Chunne Miyan’s Lakshmi Narayan Mandir

Many Hindu migrants from Pakistan, after the infamous partition of India, came to Bareilly in 1947. After settling down here, some of them helped to build this unique and symbolic Hindu shrine on a plot owned by Fazal-ul-Rahman, popularly known as Chunne Miyan. This beautiful temple is situated in Koharapeer, in the Katra Maanrai suburb.

5. Tulsi Math

This legendary place is situated nearby the famous Alakhnath Temple. According to the folklore, the renowned writer Tulsidas resided here during 1600 AD. Tulsidas is the author of the revered Hindu book named Ramcharitmaanas. According to another popular myth, he is the re-incarnation of saint Valmiki who penned down another sacred Hindu epic named Ramayana.

6. Fun City

This one-of-its-kind amusement park is located near the Pilibhit Road Bypass. It is, unarguably, one of the best entertainment parks in North India. It also boasts of a themed water park named Boond. There are an impressive number of water slides and adventure rides, including a roller coaster. Additional attractions of this place include an amphitheatre and a discotheque. You can also enjoy picnic and outdoor games with your family and loved ones, here.

7. Jagannath Temple

This 200-year-old temple lies in front of the Ganga Mandir in the city. It is also in close proximity to the renowned Alakhnath Mandir. Lord Shiva is also the chief deity of this ancient Hindu shrine. You can travel to Lala Champak Rai Ki Bagia in order to reach this local temple.

8. Museums in Bareilly

There are two prominent well-maintained museums in the city of Bareilly, namely, Panchala Museum and Army Service Corps Museum. The latter is located in the Bareilly Cantonment area. If you want to know about the historic past of this vibrant city, then you should definitely visit the Panchala Museum which lies within the University Campus.

In addition to the Hindu temples, the city also houses many shrines belonging to Islam and other religions. Some of these religious sites are Gurudwara Sri Guru Nanak Darbar, Sri Sai Mandir, and Bibiji ki Masjid, to name a few. Another major tourist attraction in Bareilly is the Dargah-e-Ala-Hazrat. This much-visited Dargah belongs to the popular Imam named Ahmed Raza Khan, who was also an Ahle Sunnat scholar.