8 Places to Visit in Kodaikanal

Kodaikanal! The sudden whisper of this place brings to fore pristine green surroundings, clean skies, pretty hills, mesmerizing hillocks and colorful meadows. What adds more to the beauty of the city is the dense forest, woody slopes, heavy rocks, creeks and bowers which allure the tourists.

Tourists have several reasons to cheer here as they can engage in cycling, horse riding, trekking, boating etc.

It’s a kind of holiday destination which has cascading waterfalls, transparent clear rivers, grassy hills and lovely landscapes. Now let’s look at the 8 attractions of the city which have been wooing tourists from the across the world:

1. Thalaiyar Falls

Thalaiyar Falls

Photo by Ashok Prabhakaran, CC BY-SA 2.0

Thalaiyar Falls gives a beautiful valley view. Being the third largest falls in India, the water falls from a cascading height of 975 feet. It is situated at stretch of 13 km from Kodaikanal. The silver streak of water falling off from rocks is the reason it has been named as Rat Tail Falls. You can also trek to Dum Dum Rock after climbing the Kodai Ghat Road. Here, you can have a beautiful view of the valley around.

2. Coaker’s Walk

Coaker’s Walk

Photo by Jbuchholz, CC BY-SA 4.0

This place can be explored on foot. At times thick fog covers the pristine nature here and on the hand, the views are crystal clear. You will be stunned to see the beautiful view of sunrise from this place.

You need to walk for around a kilometer. built in 1872 by Lt Coaker, it is called as Coaker’s walk.

3. Pillar Rocks

Pillar Rocks

Photo by Dhanil K, CC BY-SA 3.0

If you want to see something different, visit Pillar rocks where you can see three different granite boulders standing vertically. They measure 400 feet from ground and give a beautiful view of the city. Chambers situated in between these pillars are called as Devil’s Kitchen. Pillar rocks are situated at an 8 km stretch from the renowned lake tower.

4. Green Valley View

Green Valley View

Photo by Ashwin John, CC BY-SA 2.0

Once known with a dubious name of suicide point, it is surrounded by a valley which is 5000 ft. deep. One can visit this valley between 10 to 3 pm. You can see a number of monkeys around. it also provides a beautiful view of Vaigai Dam situated nearby.

5. Bryant Park

Bryant Park

Photo by Challiyan, CC BY 3.0

This is brain child of a British Army Officer who conceived and landscaped it in 1980. it’s a botanical garden where every year, a flower and vegetable show is organized in May.

There is a glasshouse comprising assortment of flowers, ornamental plants and ferns. Most of the tourists’ flock here in summers to see its beauty.

6. Kodai Lake

How a marshy land can be converted into a beautiful lake can be seen here at Kodai Lake? The firm determination of Madurai’s former Collector, Vera Levinge, turned this swamp it into a gorgeous lake by using his creative ideas. He spent his own money for this sake. Spread over 60 acres, it is surrounded by tarred road. Tourists can enjoy boating here at the boat club. You can see many tourists walking around, sailing, indulging in horse riding and cycling. Children too can enjoy pony rides here.

7. Pine forest

Pine forest

Photo by Vijay Krishna, CC BY-SA 2.0

If you want to explore the pristine beauty of pine trees, you should visit the Pine Forest which is situated at a distance of 7.4 km from Kodaikanal’s bus stand.

The pine forest mesmerizes visitors by its beauty and ambience. It is a heaven for those loving photography.

8. Bear Shola Falls

Bear Shola Falls

Photo (cropped) by Marcus334, CC BY-SA 3.0

These waterfalls are situated near the local bus spot. Bear Shola Falls are a must -visit attraction during monsoons. It blooms to its ultimate beauty after rains. It separates off from the Parapapr River to stride down via rocks thus forming the Bear Shola Falls. The surrounding forests at the background give a marvelous view. There are many varieties of birds and animals found here. The ambience is cool, calm and serene and can be the best when you are a solo traveler and want to relax and rejuvenate.

Hence, the city can be defined as a little paradise on earth blessed by mother nature in all its forms. The tourist falls into awe of nature once he visits the city. After exploring the various attractions, he feels like staying here in the lap of mother nature forever, however, due to his employment, he goes back vowing to return after some time, to spend some quality time with nature again!