4 Places to Visit in Shekhawati

Do you know about a region blessed with the largest frescoes in the world! It is branded as the open art gallery and speaks in volumes about its rich art, culture and history! Don’t you want to visit this place once?

Yes, you surely must be inquisitive by now to know more about this place. This is none other plan but Shekhawati which houses one of the most beautiful monuments in its vicinity.

Deriving its name from Rao Shekha Ji, the chieftain of the Rajput Kachwaha chieftain, Shekhawati comprised the largest Nizamat of princely state of Jaipur.

It was the descendants of Rao Shekha Ji who had ruled the area and were called Shekhawats. The beautiful havelis existing here stand as mute witness to history and have volumes of stories to share. Fossils say that once upon a time, this place was covered by sea.

Now, let’s discuss the four places which should be visited once when you are in this city:

1. Sikar


Harshnath Temple, Photo by Ashish Choudhary, CC BY-SA 3.0

Located in Shekhawat, Sikar should be visited once to glance through the most renowned havelis. There are some very pretty havelis which exist as Sawant Ram Chokhani Haveli, Bansidhar Rathi Haveli, Kedia Haveli and Sanganeria Haveli.  Their beauty is still resplendent in today’s time and can be explored by once visiting them. The Khatu Shyamji village is yet another attraction of the district which has gained wide popularity due to the presence of renowned Khatu Shyamji temple. It’s known for the Jadula ceremony, where a child’s hair is shaved off for the first time. The other attraction is the Khatu Shyamji Fair here which is organized for three days during February or March at the temple.  The other must-to-visit attractions here are Radha Murli Manohar temple and the Jeen Mata temple.

2. Churu


Tal Chhapar Sanctuary, Photo by Archit Ratan, CC BY 2.0

If you want to explore the traditional typical Rajasthani architecture existing in the form of havelis and forts, you should visit Churu. The place has a rich history of worshipping their heroes. They are honoured by putting their pictures on walls of the forts. One of the forts constructed by Thakur Khushal Singh in 1739 has been one of the prime attractions of the tourists.

The place has many treasures existing in the form of Nagar Shree Museum, the gorgeous Laxminarayan Chandgothia Haveli and the magnificent Laxminarayanji temple. Also, there are many havelis which have been wooing tourists to them with their magnificent architecture.

3. Dundlod

This small town has made a big mark on the global tourism map owing to the presence of 18th century havelis and forts. It also houses a fort constructed in the 16th century which has now been converted into a heritage hotel. This fort was constructed by Rawal King and now it is one of the prime attractions in the town. The other attractions of the town are Jagathia and Goenka havelis. Lot many tourists could also be seen visiting the beautiful sites of the Diwan-I-Khas, Satyanarayan temple, Ladia, Chokhani, and Saraf Haveli.

4. Fatehpur


Photo by Jean-Pierre Dalbéra, CC BY 2.0

This could also be termed as the town of havelis due to the presence of several havelis situated here, this town came into being with the efforts of Fateh Khan, who was a Kayamkhani Nawab. He established this city in the mid-15th century. There are many attractions in this historic town. The names such as the Nand Lal Devra, Saraogi, etc. have become all famous among tourists owing to their distinguished beauty. Constructed in 1865, the Goenka Haveli has many wall paintings which are depicting the Krishna Leelas.

So if you are an ardent follower of rich history, culture and heritage, you should make it a priority to visit this place which is blessed with the most magnificent forts, royal havelis and pristine monuments. To add more to the beauty of this town, there are marvelous temples, mesmerizing heritage properties which appeal all to visit this place.