Top 7 Places to Visit in Pali

If you are keen to explore the royal, and old world charm of Rajasthan existing in the form of magnificent havelis and deep boaris (stepwells), you should visit Pali. This town has been a historic trade centre since the 11th century. It’s also known for its rich cultural heritage and calming surroundings.

This place has been home to wealthy Brahmins pf Paliwal clan and its architecture goes with complex history.

Let’s discuss the seven important places which should never be missed when you enter this town:

1. Hatundi Rata Mahabir Temple

Devoted to 24th and the last Jain Tirthankara, Mahavira, the structure of this temple exists in the shape of pyramids of Egypt.

While the older part exists in pink colour, the remaining part exists in white colour giving it a white and pink shade. Both ends have a staircase taking you to the central dome. After witnessing renovation many a times, the temple has been given a newer look by adding six more cupolas to its structure which point towards the sky. The sculpture of Mahavira could be seen inside the inner sanctum of the temple.

2. Bangur Museum

Named after Bangur Juar, this museum is located very near to the old bus stand of the town. You can find many artefacts and antiquities such as coins, arms, artistry etc which are being preserved in this museum.

3. Surya Narayana Temple

Constructed in 15th century AD, the Surya Narayana temple has one tower which goes over the altar. There are many projections added to it while it pursues one circular plan. Laid on an octagonal plan, the sanctum has six protruding porches. Lord Surya’s several friezes are found in the temple. The chariot being drawn by seven horses is one among them.

4. Somnath Mahadev ji Temple

Constructed by Pal Solanki in 1209 AD, the Somnath Mahadev Ji Temple is located in the main market of Pali. The reason why this temple is known all across is that it was attacked, targeted and defaced by another ruler Mohammad Ghazni. While there is a Shiva linga installed in the temple, it was brought by one Raj Kumar Pal Solanki, from Saurashtra region in Gujarat.

This temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva who is represented in the form of Linga and is housed with the entire family including his wife Parvati and sons Ganesha, and Nandi, that exist in the idols’ forms. It being an old temple shows an ancient architecture with circular patterns on its ceilings and intricate carvings on its Shikhar and pinnacle.

5. The Adishwar Temple

Adishwar Temple

Photo by Ingo Mehling, CC BY-SA 3.0

This temple is also known with the name of the Chaumukha Temple. Considered as one of the largest Jain temple in the region, it was constructed in 65 years. Hence, it is also considered as one among top five shrines of Jains. It was built in the 15th century in the form of aircraft, (a Nalinigulm Vimana). According to the legends, this aircraft was seen by Shah, the temple’s builder in a dream.

6. Lakhotia Garden

This garden houses a Shiva temple, a beautiful garden and a pond. It is one of the frequently visited spots of the Pali city. As it is surrounded by Lakhotia pond, it is called as lakhotia Garden. The Shiva temple is situated in the center of the temple.

7. Balleshwar Temple

Balleshwar Temple

Photo by Borayin Maitreya Larios, CC BY 2.0

This is yet another renowned attraction of the city which is one among the only 8 Ashtavinayak temples dedicated to Lord Ganesha. The presence of the temple adds a spiritual surroundings to this town. Even the ornate havelis here are now existing as heritage hotels. Many of them houses antique furniture and the interior is exquisite. Such work takes you back to royal history.

A visit to this city will make you feel surprised with the kind of tourism assets it houses. From temples, to havelis, to gardens, there is everything appealing which a tourist would love to see. The royal architecture in most of the cities would take you back to the royal era. And hence one visit to this city is a must!