10 Places To Visit in Cuttack

Fondly called as the ‘Silver City of India’, this ancient city was founded by the Keshari dynasty. It is the former capital of the Odisha state and is famous for its silver filigree jewelry and artworks, known as ‘Taara Kasi’. Apart from its rich cultural heritage and historical significance, this city is also a perfect example of inter-religion brotherhood.

We have recommended below 10 tourist-worthy sites of Cuttack which you should definitely visit to experience its uniqueness and beauty:

1. Kataka Chandi Temple

Kataka Chandi Temple

Photo by Sidsahu, CC BY-SA 3.0

Located in Sheikh Bazaar area and near the banks of river Mahanadi this temple is an exquisite representation of the architecture-style of Gajpati dynasty. According to ancient legend, Sri Hansa Panda, the priest of Gajpati King of Kanika, had a dream where the Goddess Chandika asked him to dig out her idol from a specific site. He went to the king who helped him to dig out the area. It is believed that nearly forty bullock carts with red sindoor were excavated before the said idol of Maa Chandi was retrieved. The king built the temple at the same site and a group of priests belonging to Utkal Brahmin caste now manages the operations of this holy temple. Here, the festivals of Durga Puja, Dussehra, and Kali Puja are celebrated with great religious fervor and in spectacular way.

2. Barabati Fort

Barabati Fort

Photo by RameshSharma1, CC BY 2.0

The emperors of the Ganga dynasty built this supposed fort in the 14th century. Later, the King Mukunda Deva converted it to 9-storied structure and increased its fortification. Currently, this medieval-era fort lies in ruins with earthen mounds spread around. However, its arched entrance, double enclosures, and the moat are still intact and visit-worthy. Another major attraction of this fort area is the Shahi Masjid. This mosque has beautiful domes and walls made up entirely of stones and tiles. In 1803, British army captured the fort and apparently used this mosque as a magazine site. Nowadays, the state government organizes various cultural programmes, here.

3. Barabati Stadium

Barabati Stadium

Photo by Kamalakanta777, CC BY-SA 3.0

Situated next to the Barabati fort, on the cantonment road, this stadium is an important venue for state, national and international cricket matches. It is managed by Odisha Cricket Association and also has floodlight facility to support day-and-night matches.

4. Netaji Birth Place Museum

It is the ancestral home of the renowned Indian freedom fighter, Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose. The Odisha Government completed its renovation in the year 2000 and this place now functions as a public museum. Its living quarters now in the form of galleries contain rare family photographs, antique furniture, and other household items owned by the members of the Bose family.

5. Odisha High Court

Odisha High Court

Photo by Kamalakanta777, CC BY-SA 3.0

This imposing court complex was set up on 26th of July, in 1948. There are chiefly two departments namely Judicial and Administrative departments. The later department handles all administrative activities of the Court on its Appellate side.

6. Cuttack Deer Park

As the name indicates, this theme park is dotted with trees with thick foliage and populated with magnificent-looking deers which will definitely leave you amazed. It is located in Madhusudhan Nagar and a perfect place to relax and enjoy Mother Nature’s mesmerizing beauty.

7. Qadam-e-Rasool Masjid

Both Muslims and Hindus revere this 18th century sacred Islamic shrine. It boasts of the circular stone that has the imprints of Prophet Mohammed’s footmarks. This beautiful mosque complex covers an area of 57 acres. It is surrounded by a compound wall having a tall tower at each of its corner. Considered as a landmark for communal harmony, this place also contains a rare music gallery or Nawabat Khana.

8. Gurudwara Daatan Sahib

An important pilgrimage site for Sikhs, this place of worship is believed to house the Sahada tree which was planted by Guru Nanak Dev during his journey to the holy city of Puri. According to local legends, he used the twig of the Sahada tree as a tooth cleaner and soon a gurudwara was constructed and named as Daatan Sahib.

9. Juma Masjid

Built by Mughals, this is the oldest, the prettiest, and biggest mosque of the city. It has numerous rooms which were used as the classrooms of a madrasa, until few years ago. Interestingly, both Hindu and Muslim families reside in the surrounding neighborhood, in communal peace.

10. Stone Revetment or Embankments

King Markata Keshari laid the foundation for this awe-inspiring engineering marvel during late 10th century A.D. These embankments were constructed on the shores of river Kathjodi to protect the city from floods.

Although Cuttack is not a large city but its old-world charm, local cuisine, and modern entertainment zones will surely make your stay quite memorable and satisfying. No doubt, it features as one of the most important links of the Golden Triangle Tour of Odisha state!