6 Places to Visit Hazaribagh

Are you interested to travel to a place which gives you a serene feel? Do you want to go to a place which has many beautiful temples, scenic beautiful sites and rich flora and fauna? Do you want to get lost in the jungles, as well as in the beauty of nature? If yes is the answer to all these questions, then you should visit Hazaribagh which literally means a thousand gardens. The city enjoys marvelous weather and has many Jain temples situated here. The nearest airport is in Ranchi and via Rail, you can get down at Koderma. It is also well-connected via bus.

1. Hazaribagh national park

Hazaribagh national park

Photo by Pic Boy 101, CC BY-SA 4.0

Developed in 1954, this park houses a few of the rarest species. It is home to Kakar, Sambal, sloth bears, chetah and many more birds. You can easily trace these animals and birds roaming near the pond during evening hours. Many watchtowers are there. A Forest Rest House exists at Rajderwah. Many dams are there which create water pools where the animals drink water in summers. The towers help you see the animals who come here to drink water.

2. Canary hills

Canary hills

Photo by Naman Anand, CC BY 2.0

This pretty part of the town is situated 4 kms from city Centre. You need to pass through dense forest which is a regular route to climb up the hill. There is lush greenery around and a lovely lake giving a beautiful view of east Hazaribagh. It can be defined as a well-laid out park which has three small lakes. Also there is an observation tower for which you need to climb 600 stairs. There is a guest house too. You can see beautiful views of sun rise and sun set from the top of the hill. Once upon a time, in 1980s, many animals such as hyenas, tigers, wolves etc. were seen in this place. However, now things have changed. These animals exist only on papers.

3. Narsimhasthan

This temple is situated 5-km from city Centre. It is 6 km from Hazaribagh situated in Kahapriama village. The main deity here is Lord Narsimah, who is known as the incarnation of Lord Vishnu. The temple is beautiful and also houses a Shivalingam.

4. Hazaribagh Jheel

This is a renowned picnic spot. Also it is house of many civil servants and has an AIR radio office around it. There are four parts of this lake. The sun set and sun rise are best viewed at the third part.

5. Urban haat

If you want to have a glimpse at rich culture and beautiful artefacts, you should visit urban haat which is situated 1-km from the city. You can have a view of different kinds of handlooms, dresses, furniture, leather commodities etc. The rich collection of different stuff will leave you stunned.

6. Barso Paani

Want to visit beautiful caves? Barso pain is the best option as it is known for its semi-formed cave. There is a myth associated with this place that if one screams in caves, it starts raining. Water starts dripping from its ceiling and hence its name is barso paani.  A river is situated here near to the cave. Those who love trekking can also explore the trek.

It is situated at a distance of 47 km at Jhikjhor Basti which is located on the Barkagaon- Hindegir Road.

Hence one visit to this place can help you sort out different options; you can trek, visit the national park, pray at the renowned temple, glance through a vivid kind of culture as well. So plan a journey to this nature-blessed place where you can enjoy ultimate natural beauty.