5 Places to Visit in Pahalgam

Pahalgam, a reel destination which has witnessed shooting of many films, is pretty to see in real life too. With sky-touching pine trees, beautiful meadows expanding in different lanes, sun-kissed Himalayas spreading its shade around, this valley is a true paradise on earth.

It also serves as the starting point for many treks.

Pahalgam is also known with another name, Valley of Shepherds. Banking on the confluence of River Lidder and Sheshnag Lake, this hill station has been a favorite of nature lovers.

You will be surprised to know that Amarnath Yatra starts from this town. Pahalgam is the base camp during this Yatra. Those devotees who want to reach to the cave of Shiva take up the Pahalgam to Amarnath route via Chandanwadi.

Pahalgam also caters to the needs of adventure lovers. It is loved by those who want to indulge in skiing and snow-sledging. Other than adventure sports, the town also offers many sports activities such as golfing, trekking as well as angling. The two-day long Snow Festival features many activities pertaining to winter sports. The adventure freaks could also take up white water rafting facility in Lidder River which passes through forests.

If you are in Pahalgam, you should never miss the following five attractions of this hill station:

1. Tulian Lake

 Tulian Lake

Photo by Raqueeb Mir, CC BY-SA 3.0 

Want to see floating ice on lake? Visit Tulian Lake which is blessed by nature in all ways and means. Surrounded by Pir Panjal and Zanskar mountain ranges on its three sides, it has scenic spots around. If you want to experience the charm of Kashmir valley, you should definitely take up the expedition here which will give the most mesmerising and picturesque views. There are two ways to access this tourist site, first, you can travel from Pahalgam, situated at a stretch of 16 km from Tulian Lake or else you can trek down from Baisara, which is at a distance of 11 km from Tulian Lake. However, this route is full of challenges as trekking trails miss well-defined markings and scaling is difficult at certain points.

2. Aru Valley

Aru Valley

Photo by Ankur P, CC BY-SA 2.0

With lush green surroundings, thick forests, transparent streams of water and snow-kissed mountains around, this is one of the most beautiful attractions. The drive from Pahalgam to this Valley is the most alluring. Located at a distance of 12 km from Pahalgam, it can be reached by taking a walking path through a mountain.

It’s the starting point to trek to Kolahoi Glacier. Aru Valley also serves as a camping site.

The summers are cool and pleasant while the winters are harsh. The religious tourists as well as those loving adventure find this place interesting.

3. Betab Valley

Betab Valley

Photo by Partha S. Sahana, CC BY 2.0

Serving as a base camp for many trekkers, this valley is also a favorite campsite for many.  There are clean streams of water running down from snowy hills which are a delight to see. Also lush green meadows, mountains and dense vegetation surround this village adding more to its beauty. Betab Valley is located at a stretch of 15 km from Pahalgam and falls in route to Amarnath Yatra. It derived its name from Sunny-Deol-Amrita Singh film-Betab which was shot here.

4. Lidder River

Lidder River

Photo by Mike Prince, CC BY 2.0

This pretty river flows through the town watering grasslands as well as glaciers of the valley. It is one among the most popular and loved attractions of Pahalgam.

The water of this river is crystal blue in color and hence looks very gorgeous. The river is best suited for river rafting and fishing activities. There are many adventurous tourists visiting this place just to feast their eyes on the beauty of the Lidder Valley.

5. The Pahalgam Golf Club

Those loving golf find this club extremely pristine. It’s famous among golf enthusiasts as it is well-maintained. The club should be visited once when in Kashmir as it enjoys scenic location, high altitude and several facilities. There are snow-capped mountains and a thick pine forest around which gives a scenic view.

Pahalgam undoubtedly is a tourists’ paradise. It is also a paradise for shopaholics who can buy some of the most ultimate products here. There are beautiful Kashmiri shawls available in diverse colors. Also suits are available with marvelous chain-stitch embroidery. Carpets come with exquisite designs and hence this place serves the best for those who love shopping.

If you too want to visit the destination which can simultaneously play three roles, of being an adventure destination, a shopping attraction as well as scenic destination, then you should try Pahalgam. The hill station is sure to give you unforgettable memories.