4 Places to Visit in Chamba

Renowned for its amalgamation of history, religion, culture and tradition, reflected through vibrant festivals and fairs and the salubrious climate, Chamba located in Himachal Pradesh is the place to be.

How to get there?

One can get there-

  • By air: there are flights up Gaggal in Kangra valley and then take a taxi or any other local taxi for about 180km to reach Chamba.
  • By train: The nearest station is Pathankot (at a distance of 118 km). Chamba is well connected to places within as well as outside the state such as Amritsar, Delhi, Bombay, and Kolkata etc.
  • By road: Chamba is connected to major cities in India through Pathankot and Shimla, although transport facilities such as jeeps are expensive, they are perfect for shared travel with friends besides one can always employ taxi, bus services which are very efficient.

Best Time to Visit?

The best time to visit Chamba would be from March to June although the temperatures throughout the year range from 0 degree Celsius to 39 degrees Celsius and it is perfectly fine to consider other parts of year to visit this splendid place.

1. Dalhousie


Photo by SriniG, CC BY-SA 3.0

The eponymous hill station named after Lord Dalhousie is the scenic little paradise called Dalhousie. Flanked by snow-capped mountains there are many places in and around that are worth every second spent soaking the resplendence emanated by it. Tibetan markets, Bakrota hills, Dainkund peak, Kalatop and Lohali village to name a few are the most sought after tourist destinations here. The main attraction would be the natural spring in Karelanu known to possess healing properties. The best time to visit would be from May to September.

2. Khajjiar


Photo by Sandeep Brar Jat, CC BY-SA 2.0

Renowned as India’s Switzerland this mini paradise is a treasure for trekkers, adventure enthusiasts and gazing, strolling nature admirers and the religious alike. There are thickets of deodar climb the slopes and there is a 12th century old Khajji Nag temple here which houses life sized wooden images of the Pandava brethren. Summer is the best time to visit this place, but adventure enthusiasts who would like to explore the place with knee-deep snow opposing them and heavy snow-fall pattering down their backs as they wade through the crisp pathways then winter is the most amazing time to visit.

3. Banikhet

Renowned as the gateway of Chamba, Banikhet is a place that has the perfect climactic conditions for sightseeing and the aura of religiousness that makes it for a perfect family getaway. Located at a distance of 7 km from Dalhousie, this place is famous for the Chamera Hydro-electric project and the ancient Nag temple which is supposedly 150 years old. The Dhauladhar range that surrounds Banikhet makes for a beautiful backdrop for photography and the Banikhet Bazaar is another major attraction that completes this place for a beautiful vacation with dear ones.

4. Satdhara Waterfalls

When one hears the nebulous yet soothing sound of the trickling streams infused with the roar of gushing waters then one can be sure to have the most scenic waterfalls in called the Satdhara Waterfalls close by. Seven beautiful springs flowing down in unison passing the majestic mountains and cliffs of Chamba valley is a sight that cannot be missed. The crystal clear water not only is a treat to the senses but also is said to have therapeutic properties and there are many lush green valleys and exquisite springs which make it an ideal tourist destination.

In conclusion one can be sure that there is no set of people who would find nothing catering to their taste or liking in this beautiful, multi-faceted paradise on earth with its perfect climate and a welcoming atmosphere. Thus if one is visiting Himachal Pradesh then a trip to Chamba is a must.